Bike to The Future 2!

Following the success of ‘Bike to The Future’ at the Rondo, Bath, last October, I’m delighted to announce its return – in updated form – for this year’s Fringe, at the Old Theatre Royal Bath, on June 1st.


In ‘Think of a Song’, you got to hear spoken intros but not the songs (yes, really – check the video). In ‘Think of a Sequel’, a band of musicians that had never met before interpreted my stories in on-the-spot improvisations (which you can listen to here). In ‘Think of a Conclusion’ the band packed down after the first number, then left the building (It all makes sense – take a look).

So what next? Well, this time you’ll get to hear the songs – and the stories behind them – in full. I know – crazy, right? And I’ll have some top musician making guest appearances to add that certain something. Of course, there may be the odd surprise along the way. But I can’t tell you what those might be, otherwise they won’t be surprises.

But Seriously

The show will deal with some serious themes and issues. However, as always, these will be handled with a light touch . The title, ‘Bike to The Future’, refers to my imminent cycle excursions, with guitar, to spread the word on two wheels.

We all know that change is needed but our efforts can sometimes feel futile. But don’t worry; the emphasis here is on positivity and collectivism. We can make a change. We will get through this. But we need to act individually, collectively and without waiting for our so-called ‘leaders’.

A Bunch of Songs Are Going to Help, Are They?

Well, they can’t do any harm. Maybe, in some small way, they’ll provoke a little activism in us all. And, even if not, I’ll guarantee you’ll have had a good night out. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the reactions to previous shows.

It’s hard blowing your own trumpet – especially when you’re a drummer – but I really will pull out all the stops to entertain you. In fact, there is an organ in the space, so I may literally do that.

The Hard Sell

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is where I say: ‘get your tickets early to avoid disappointment’; ‘ book ahead and receive a free album download’; ‘click here for more info and to order now. So here goes:

Do get your tickets early to avoid disappointment (chiefly mine). Email your purchase confirmation to me at and I’ll send you a link to download the recent album ‘Never There at All’. For more info and to order now, click the button below:

Let me know when you’ve booked and I’ll see you at the show…