Back By Popular Demand

Those of you who came to ‘Bike to The Future’ last year will have seen the multi-talented Rob Whale in all his glory. Rest assured, this time he’ll be properly dressed!

Want to See More?

If you weren’t there, you may be wondering what I’m on about. Suffice to say, wearing his Lycra cycling gear, some of Rob’s outstanding features were somewhat enhanced by the stage lighting. Which – apparently – some found rather distracting.

But enough of that. Rob is a hugely talented musician: violinist, composer, arranger, pianist, bassist, guitarist – and, of course, keen cyclist. Rob made a late appearance in last year’s show and many audience members suggested they’d like to see more of him. (How much more of him could you possibly want to see?!)

Small Instrument – Big Impact

So, whereas his visual impact may be a little restrained this time around, Rob will be onstage throughout the set. And, in addition to the violin and harmony vocals he provided last time, he will now also be playing ukulele bass. Yes – you read that correctly ukelele bass.

There’s a reason for choosing this diminutive instrument to provide a little more bottom end – so to speak. And that is that Rob will be accompanying me throughout my cycle tour, of which our appearance in Making a Song & Dance is a part. Carrying a full-scale bass guitar, together with the rest of the gear, would be out of the question. Hence the ukulele.

When you see Rob in action, you’ll be surprised at what a big impact such a small instrument can have (behave!).

Icing On The Cake

And there’s more…

Last year, we had the amazing Martin Craddick join us on guitar for the show’s finale at the Old Theatre Royal. This time around, we have another mystery guest. Oh yes. But I won’t be revealing their identity.

Suffice to say we’ve appeared together before and recently recorded – in another band setting – at one of the UK’s most iconic studios. When you see them perform, I think you’ll agree they provide the icing on the cake, as far as this show is concerned. And there really is only one way to find out whether you agree.

You know what to do…

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