(Not) Blowing My Own Trumpet

Blowing My Own Trumpet - 'Just Songs' blog from Think of a Song Productions

Whilst I’m not averse to banging drums, strumming guitars, bashing keys or tooting a flute; believe it or not, I don’t enjoy blowing my own trumpet. So, it’s fortunate I have others to do that for me…

Keen to Share

What I really love is: writing songs, composing music, improvising with other musicians, collaborating with artists in different mediums and developing ideas for challenging new shows. What I don’t particularly relish – and this may come as a surprise – is having to shout about it all.

Yet, shout I must. Otherwise, you won’t know I’ve done any of the other stuff and it will remain my own little secret. And I really am keen to share what I’ve created with you. Especially since others seem to have enjoyed it so much.

Take a Look

I was recently asked to create a press release. This was sent out to local media outlets, who – with one notable exception (thank you VisitBath) – largely ignored it.  But the exercise wasn’t a waste of time. It made me go back and look up all the nice things people have said about my past shows.

Here’s a selection for you:

Think of a Song

“Refreshingly original… this is real theatre”

“Another level… really brave work”

“An exhilarating change”

Clever and thought provoking”

“Truly fabulous. Very moving”

“A very engaging show”

Think of a Sequel

“The most fun I’ve had at anything in a long time”

“I was genuinely blown away by every aspect of your show””

“An amazing human being… an artist in every sense of the word “

“Utterly bonkers in a very sweet and endearing way “

“I was in awe of the whole-hearted way you showed up, bared all and gave us all of you”

“Gobsmacked! Absolutely gobsmacked!!! What an inspiring evening”

Think of a Conclusion

“A brilliant show! It was so well structured, paced, honest, amusing, charming and emotional”

“So touching and powerful to celebrate the cyclical nature of life and death”

“A bloody triumph. Hugely impressive. Incredible achievement”

“Great show. And the uplifting end better than any counselling!”

“A great deal in which to rejoice”

“Loved it! very heartfelt moving show absolutely brilliant!”

Bike To the Future

“The sustainability theme is so good, and important…you deliver it with a really great energy!”

“Thought provoking… really enjoyed it”

“What a great night… got me well and truly out of my comfort zone”

“Loved your tunes and the chat – just enough”

“Good to have a little boogie on a Wednesday evening”

2020 Vision

“Full of integrity and aliveness”

“Pure fun and inspiration, and full of positive energies!”

“I have the 2020 list of questions pinned up in the kitchen. Food for thought!”

“I’d never been to anything like it before”

“I’m glad we chose to sit in the middle. What a mix of emotions”

“I felt curious, uncomfortable, lost in admiration for the performers”

Have Your Say

So what will you have to say about Just Songs? Well, nothing if you don’t come. So, I really hope you will. After all, this show is all about everyone having a voice. And I’d really like to hear yours.

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