Happy Ending

Happy Ending - a Band named Brian's 'Just Songs' tour blog

We’ve done it! – cycled from Bath across Wales to the Pembrokeshire coast and back, gigging as we went. Now there’s just one official date left to play…

Another Cracking Independent Boozer    

The final official date of our ‘Just Songs’ tour is this Sunday – June 16th – at The Grapes in Bath and we’re looking forward to a happy ending! This is another cracking independent boozer. Which – rather than relying on churning out fancy food – serves the local community with decent beer, good vibes and great locally-sourced music.

Last year, we had a great response at The Grapes and hope you’ll come and join us there this time. It’s a regular spot for live music on Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm. And it dovetails rather nicely with live music at another legendary music pub The Bell, which will be hosting our friends Hodmadoddery from 1-3pm that same day. So why not make an afternoon of it?

Not Yet Heard Us?

Well, that’s understandable: we’re not bloody Coldplay are we? But fear not – if you want to have a taster before you come along, you can download our new EP. This is being made available on a ‘pay what you feel’ basis. So, if you’re feeling flush, you can pay as much as you like! Get the download now by clicking below:

Read All About It

I’ll shortly be writing up the diary from our cycling adventures. I don’t tend to post about things as I’m doing them, as I’d rather be experiencing what I’m doing than shouting about it. But, in all honesty, it makes no difference. Most people assume we’re on tour all over again – or that we’re still on tour. Because they don’t actually pay attention to what they’re reading.

But I know you’re not like that. So, I trust you can wait and give it your full attention when it’s all published. And I’d love to hear from you when you do.

In The Meantime

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about us, our tour and other shows from Think of a Song Productions (yes – it’s basically me with a fancy title), then please feel free to peruse the other blog posts listed here. Or take a look through the various pages that describe the shows and the people behind them.

Believe it or not, a lot of work goes into all of this. And it takes enormous commitment, not only from me (Brian) and my fellow performers. There are a whole host of other people providing support, encouragement, counselling, therapy and more besides. I won’t embarrass you here but you know who you are and that I’m eternally grateful.

Back To Bath

In a nutshell, the ‘Just Songs’ tour has taken a Band named Brian to: Shindig festival; back to Bath for a special Fringe show; across Wales, playing various venues; to the Pembrokeshire coast; and back again to Bath. The fantastic fiddler, bassist and vocalist Rob Whale has accompanied me for most of this journey. He’ll sign off from the tour at The Grapes, so do come and catch him while you can .

Free Entry

Entry to The Grapes is free. All you need do is drink plenty of ale to make it worth their while. And we know we can count on you for that! So, come along, spread the word, bring a crowd and have a drink.

I don’t think that’s too onerous, do you? See you there!

The Grapes – Google Maps