Just Cause

On this year’s tour, we’ll once again be visiting the unique and wonderful Trehale Farm (June 7th). There’s been a slight change of plan… still Just Songs – but for a just cause.

Listen to One Another

It’s funny how things turn out. This year, I decided to name our Band named Brian song/cycle tour ‘Just Songs’. I explained the thinking behind this in an earlier post. But the essence is: everyone has a voice and it’s important we all listen to one another.

So, how appropriate that the organiser of one of our favourite tour venues – Trehale Farm – called to say there’s been a change of plan. ‘Ooh – er…’ I thought. But there was no cause for concern. What he proposed was we turn our evening there into an awareness/fund-raising event for the people of Palestine – ‘Gig for Gaza’.

Strong Opinions

Now, before you get excited about antisemitism – or make any hasty judgements, this is not a political event. Rather, it’s about helping people in immediate, dire need. Who is and isn’t at fault is irrelevant. What matters is that other humans, who are suffering right now, get essential food, shelter and medical aid. And we’d hope nobody can object to that.

If you do have strong opinions on this – or any other topics our songs raise – we’d love to hear them. But after you’ve listened. We will then extend the curtesy of listening to you. That’s how it works. And that’s how we can all move forward together.

An Honour to Share

Somebody who will certainly be making their voice heard at Trehale Farm is Undercover Hippy. It so happens that my first ‘Bike to The Future’ gig, which kick-started the whole cycle-touring malarky, was at Shindig Festival two years ago. Undercover Hippy was on the bill there and blew me away. So, it’s a real honour to be sharing the stage with them at Trehale.

So, if you’re in the area (Trehale Farm is in Mathry, Pembrokeshire) or near any of our other tour venues. Come along and make your voice heard. And if you’re in or near Bath, there’s a special Fringe show on May 30th at Burdall’s Yard. At which, you will be able to have your say within the show itself. What do I mean by that? Come along and find out!

Open & Honest

Wherever you are, please do take the time to share your thoughts. And please listen to one another’s points of view. You may not always agree. You may find some of what others have to say distasteful. But it’s important we have open and honest dialogue. Otherwise, distrust, misunderstanding and conflict will prevail. Which none of us wants.

We all have stories to tell. We each have songs to sing. And to each of us, these aren’t just songs, they are JUST songs.

See You Soon!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our shows very soon…

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