Let’s Get Things Moving

Last week, I told you a little about the dance piece ‘2020 Vision’ – the opening act of ‘Making a Song & Dance’. Now I’d like to introduce you to the facilitator of that piece: the multi-talented Kara Herbert

In Retreat

Kara has been dancing for more years than would be polite to mention. I suspect she has a portrait in the attic, as you’d never guess quite how long. And her eternal youthfulness may have something to do with all the hours of yoga she puts in.

My other dance collaborators and I often joke, when Kara doesn’t appear at one of our meetings, that she’s probably on an island somewhere. No, Kara’s not some millionaire play-person: she goes to said islands to work (… and play a bit). The work in question is running yoga retreats. Which – as mentioned – clearly work. For Kara, at least.

Education, Education, Education

When not on an island, Kara runs regular contemporary dance sessions in Bath. These are open to all, though the standard is high and dancers are expected to stretch themselves (geddit?). In fact, some of her regulars will be appearing in 2020 Vision, so you’ll get to see just how accomplished they are.

Other strings to Kara’s bow are working with the elderly and school pupils. In fact, keeping people of all ages and abilities moving is her driving passion. So, Kara really is the ideal person to facilitate the movement element of Making a Song & Dance. And I’m delighted to have her aboard.

Structured Improvisation

Last week, Kara and I spent some time at Burdall’s Yard to plan-out how the dance will work within the space. As you may remember, this will be improvised during workshops on the day of the performance. Rest assured, we have thoroughly planned the structure, so that it will deliver a coherent, developed, yet spontaneous experience for both participants and audience.

Alongside Kara’s students will be current and former students of Bath Spa’s amazing undergraduate and post-graduate Dance courses. These are joined by students of physical theatre, some local practising dancers and one or two less experienced – yet enthusiastic – participants. And this blend of styles and abilities is key to what we hope to achieve.

Where ‘Audience’ Ends & ‘Performer’ Begins

As with my previous shows, I’m keen to explore the dynamic between audience and performer. I would argue that, in any good show, each is equally important and all are participants. This doesn’t mean audiences need to be put into an uncomfortable situation. Rather, they are encouraged to be actively present and engaged.

In this instance, the piece will allow for a degree of active participation on the part of audience members. However, this is by no means a requirement. None of us likes to be coerced or manipulated and we certainly won’t be aiming for that with 2020 Vision.

And don’t forget, the second half will be a straight forward ‘gig’. Then you’ll really be able to let go. More of which later…

Being There

But, in order for this to be a performance at all, it does require an audience. So can I please urge you to book your tickets now? We’ve made advanced booking cheaper for you. And, for structural reasons, it will be really useful to know in advance how many to expect.

The space is genuinely limited, so we are hoping for a sell-out. That being the case, there won’t be tickets on the door. So please do book early and secure your spot.

Sales pitch over… for now 😊.

Thank you.

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