Making a Song & Dance

‘2020 Vision’ & ‘Bike to The Future’ Double-Header

We’ve been locked down, dosed up, divided and misruled. Yet our impulse to connect and be creative is as strong as ever. No matter what this life throws at us we WILL make a song and dance about it.

The show comprises two parts. Firstly, an immersive dance exploration, set to the soundscape ‘2020 Vision’, generated using interviews from the first Covid lockdown. Reflecting our need to find connection in the face of isolation, it puts you at the heart of a beautiful dilemma.

Secondly, a Band named Brian return to Bath on their ‘Bike to The Future’ tour. Two parts Billy Bragg to one part Levellers, with a hint of Johnny Cash and a dusting of Tom Lehrer, Brian picks up the theme of harnessing individual energy through collective action. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sing… you may even dance!

Where & When

 Burdall’s Yard, Bath, BA1 5NH

 Wed 31st May 2023 – 8:00pm (doors 7:30pm)


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