Martin Tompkins

Martin Tompkins is a music video producer & professional photographer. He specialises in live gig photography, music videos and promo stills.

Martin’s portfolio includes video and stills photography for top local artists, as well as some big names in the worlds of music and entertainment. These include The Doubtful Guest, Rob Brian, Chris O’Dowd, Port Erin, Rivers of England, The Whigs, Paul  Merton, Amadou Diagne, Lucis Choir, Nicola Benadetti and a host of others.

Martin suggests that music videos can help artists to be heard and seen on a mass scale to gain wider recognition than is achievable from more conventional channels. He can create a strong visual identity that relates to an artist’s music and put a face or an image to a name. Also providing bespoke websites, Martin can create a professional platform for music and video. Integrating youR video, Soundcloud files and photography.

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