Time To Connect

I explained before how the sound-scape ‘2020 Vision’ came into being (here). Let’s now see how this will form the basis for an improvised dance performance at this year’s Bath Fringe.

Community Collaboration          

One of the great things about putting on these shows has been the opportunity to collaborate with the wider artistic community in and around Bath. In particular, Bath Spa University has been a great source of support and student participants. And this time is no exception.

The university has vibrant dance, drama and music departments. In previous shows, I have worked with members of the student choir and their leader Francis Faux, as well as undergraduate dance students. This time, current and former dance and acting students will be joining members of other local groups and societies.

Fresh, Improvised & Engaging

The piece will be workshopped on the day of the performance, then presented for your edification that evening. So, the movement will be fresh, improvised and engaging. You, the audience, will be in among the action. You may even be moved (excuse the pun) to join in!

But don’t let that frighten you. You may have noticed I’ve avoided the words ‘audience participation’. This is clearly anathema to some and can conjure images of cloying, enforced ‘fun’. Rest assured there’ll be none of that (cloying, I mean 😊)!

Collective Experience

The point of the piece is to explore our need for connection. And this especially in the light of recent collective experience. So, nobody will be made to feel uncomfortable. You can sit back and enjoy the ride, or get involved, as you wish.

I’m confident the soundtrack alone will sweep you away into a place of contemplation, with moments of humour, darkness and reflection. Coupled with the close-up movement, this will be a unique and immersive experience. Intrigued? You should be.

Who’s The Mummy in The Photo?

Well, that’s me, of course. We wanted to present an image for Making a Song & Dance that combines its two halves. I won’t actually be singing during the dance. That comes later.

It’s really a show of two halves. The first, as described, an immersive soundscape and dance improvisation. The second will be a fairly straight forward ‘gig’. I’ll write a little more about that shortly but suffice to say, it will feature songs and stories that take forward the themes of connection and collective action.

The Future Keeps On Coming

If you came to last year’s Bike to The Future, you’ll be familiar with some of the songs. And you’ll have met my more talented half, Rob Whale. By popular demand, Rob will be performing throughout the set this time, rather than just at the end. Perhaps more importantly, he’ll also be properly dressed. And there may also be the odd guest appearance. By which, I mean the appearance of an odd guest.

Our contribution to Making a Song & Dance forms part of this year’s Bike to The Future tour. This sees us cycling from Bath to Shindig Festival (near Ilminster), back – via Frome – for this show then on to Pembrokeshire. We’ll then return – once again – to Bath, before finishing at a little party on a farm in Pilton, Somerset.

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