Sometime’s It’s Hard To Leave

5 Days & Counting

Do you find it hard to leave? Are farewells awkward? Do endings make you uncomfortable? You’re not alone.


Perhaps our reluctance to say goodbye reflects a deep-seated fear of the ‘big one’. Sooner or later, we will all bid adieu for the last time. But life is full of endings. And beginnings. Without one, we couldn’t have the other.

What really matters is what we do in the middle. The bit between ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. Some people seem so preoccupied with their legacy they are unable to deal effectively with what is happening right now. They find themselves set on a rigid path and fixated on a single destination.

How much experience and diversity are we denying ourselves if we adopt this stance? Shouldn’t we simply embrace the chaos and go with the flow? Is it possible to have an aim in life but still remain open to new possibilities?

Maybe it’s time to explore the Fringes of your own perception:

Think of a Song, 29th May, Old Theatre Royal Bath, 8pm

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