Think of a Conclusion Video – Part 10

Sing as One

The audience is suddenly thrown into darkness as the song (‘The End’) is cut short. From among the throng, a group of singers has arranged itself in the centre of the space. Using their phone lights, they illuminate music sheets and begin to sing a slowly-evolving, ethereal chant.

Around them, dancers emerge from within the audience. They too light up the space, their torch beams following the movement. Singers and dancers are locked together in overlapping, repeating phrases. These slowly cycle, in and out of phase, until revealing themselves as being strands of one harmony. The text is ‘Come together, Sing as one’.

The underlying message of the show is to make the most of our interactions while we can. We regularly neglect those that mean most to us. And we often miss the opportunity to let those that have inspired or helped us know how we feel about them.

We each have our own independent trajectory. But these interweave with one another, combining in ways that may be abrasive or beautiful. It is up to us all to make the most of our interactions, whether planned or chanced upon. Together, we can make something quite magical.


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