Think of a Conclusion Video – Part 4

Knight in Tiny Armour

Not long after our daughter Mari was born, my mother-in-law had some heart problems. This led to her needing a double bypass, and uncertainty as to how things might progress from there. After a time, she and my father-in-law decided that the family home was now too much for them to look after. So, they found a suitable flat nearby.

We now had a second child, a son ‘Florian’, and our small 2-up-2-down was beginning to feel a little cramped. So, when my in-laws suggested we come and live in their house in Germany (where my wife had grown up), it seemed like a great opportunity. Except that, for me, things had been going very well indeed where we were, in Bath.

Being dislocated from our adopted home, I became prone to bouts of bad temper and anger. I was worried about how this might affect our son in particular. These were his formative years and his sister had enjoyed a much calmer version of me during hers. However, when he was 3 years old, he let me know everything was OK.

Mari had just turned 5 and we were having a birthday party for her. Some of her friends from Kindergarten were invited – both boys and girls. The girls played happily together in the kitchen, face-painting and making pictures. The boys, meanwhile, just wanted to rough and tumble.

So I engaged the boys in play fighting. Which was fine, until Florian saw them apparently attacking his Dad. And he was having none of it. Two years younger and outnumbered as he was, Florian fought off these little thugs, with a look of thunder on his face.

My heart filled with love, admiration and a little relief at Florian’s heroic defense of his old man. And, of course, I wrote a song about it…

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