Think of a Conclusion Video – Part 1

Avin it Large

This song was originally used as a pre-recorded playout track at the end of ‘Think of a Song’ and reflects the overall sentiment of the trilogy. It’s about a festival experience, at which I let go of my innate self-consciousness and – with a little help from my friends – cut  loose.

It’s inclusion here is for continuity. It represents the ending of the second show ‘Think of a Sequel’, in which it was performed live. This time, the audience come in as the track is played. This is the ‘end of the concert’, after which the band and I leave the stage. As you will see, we then drift back on to pack up. At this point, I notice the audience still in place and things progress from there.

The show seeks to pose questions about endings and departures. Specifically, it deals with death and renewal. We ask ourselves why endings are so uncomfortable and daunting. And we explore the notion that perhaps the end isn’t really as final as we may think.

On drums is the multi-talented Dom Bailey. Dom is a producer, keyboard player, guitarist, drummer and sound engineer. He mixed and produced my recent album ‘Invisible’, soon to be re-released under my ‘a Band named Brian’ moniker, at his Nine Volt Leap studio. The synths you hear come from the album version of this track and were synced to the live performance by Dom.

Daniel Whiston is on bass. Daniel is a writer, graphic novelist and bassist for the inimitable band ‘Mighty Dynamite’. Our connection comes via Mighty Dynamite’s former drummer Jason Albarin, who is name-checked in the song. The festival in question was Sunrise, at which Jason and I played in two bands: Plucky Purcell and Thompson’s Lovechild.

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