Think of a Conclusion

The Big One

Looking at endings in general – and the big one  specifically – we explore our innate antipathy to finishing things off and ask: “When it’s over, is this really the end?”…

Misplaced Fears

Let’s take solace in the notion that all things are cyclical – and recognize that each ending ushers in a new beginning. Perhaps, then, our fears are misplaced. Maybe  we should concern ourselves more with the impact and influence we exert on those around us right now.

We all known people that are a source of inspiration and admiration. But some may leave before we have the chance to tell them what they mean to us.  So, what can we do about that?

After the Curtain Comes Down

Think of a Conclusion begins as the show ends. The band is playing their final song as the auditorium fills. They take their bows and leave. Coming back onstage to pack away, they find the audience still in place. Awkward…

Or not. Maybe when it’s over, it’s not really over. Perhaps there is still time to free ourselves from our adopted roles and routines. Maybe it’s not too late to show love and admiration for one another. What if we were to all sing, dance and play together?

Unique and Immersive

The above is addressed through the medium of story, song and the usual smattering of surprises along the way. As with the previous two shows, it is an immersive experience and quite unlike anything else  you are likely to encounter at the theatre.

Over To You

‘Think of a Conclusion’ seeks to challenge, entertain and inspire in equal measure. Whether it achieves these aims depends very much on the audience’s participation. So, over to you…

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Think of a Conclusion