Who ARE These People?

The Magic When Musicians First Meet…

You may or may not have grasped the fact that the musicians who will be accompanying me for Think of a Sequel – Tony Orrell, Paul Bradley, Veryan Weston & James Watts – will not have met before the show.

This means that everything you see and hear them do will be happening spontaneously, for the first – and only – time. Furthermore, I will not know what to expect from them and will need to respond in the moment to whatever backing they choose to provide.

“So, why do this?” you may ask. Well, it is generally the case that when musicians come together for the first time, they tend to – quite literally – sound one another out. Ideas are thrown up, licks are traded, stumbling blocks are laid. And often what ensues is quite magical; never to be repeated.

What then normally happens is the players will attempt to distil this into something that can be replicated on demand. But it can often lose some of its original edge, vibrancy and nuance in the process. So, what if we simply present those first impulses within a performance context?

Nobody really knows what will happen. But what I can tell you is that the particular group of musicians engaged for this show has the ability and experience to generate fabulous sonic landscapes, continually creating ideas whilst simultaneously making space for – and responding to – one another.

Framing this with ‘songs’ will provide context and necessary limitations, so that the output will not be allowed to became safe or samey. Each piece will be created as a response to a set of ideas and will then be further shaped by the application of lyrics and vocal lines to the musical back-drops provided. This will also enable the evening to have a narrative arc, which will take us all – performers and audience alike – on a journey of discovery.

The Fringe Festival provides a platform on which new and challenging ideas may be explore. The challenge for me is to do so in a way that is entertaining and inclusive. This is not intended as an exclusive exercise for sagely-nodding, free-jazz cognoscenti. Rather, it is hoped that all will come away from the show having had a thought-provoking and enjoyable, experience.

I do hope you will be able to come along. Without you, we are just a bunch of blokes (and, sorry, we are all blokes) making noise in an empty space. As highlighted in the first show (‘Think of a Song’), the audience is at least as important as the performers. So, I will need your help with that bit.

And please do spread the word. I guarantee we will have a memorable, exciting and fun evening together.

See you there.

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