Why ‘Just Songs’?

Why 'Just Songs'? - Think of a Song Productions blog April 2024

When we dress things up, it can sometimes hide their inner truth. So let’s tell our stories as they are. These aren’t just songs: they are Just songs…

Exposed For All To Hear

For a long time, I’ve been meaning to record a collection of songs that are paired-down and unadorned. This would be just the songs, with no dressing: the words, melodies and structures would be exposed for all to hear. So, they would succeed or fail on their own merits, rather than relying on bells and whistles to bolster them.

In the past, I’ve used pianos, synths, loops and beats in an attempt to create something ‘produced’ and polished when recording my songs. However, in trying to disguise perceived failings in my guitar playing and vocal performance, I’ve removed the human blemishes that provide both character and truth. Not only that but the more refined something is, the more those little iniquities stand out and seem misplaced.

All About The Stories

Performing live, I relish the in-the-moment-ness of everything and find that little mishaps tend to relax both myself and my audience (they’re bound to happen, sooner or later!). So why not embrace that and get back to the DIY punk ethic with which it all started ? After all, the songwriters I most admire deliver their own stories with untrained and unrestrained voices (Billy Bragg, Johnny Cash, Tom Robinson, Leonard Cohen, Jon Otway spring readily to mind).

And – for me – it is all about the stories. About delivering those in as truthful and honest a way as possible. So, whilst these may be ‘just’ songs, in that they are un-accessorized, they are also ‘just’ in the sense of being right and true in my eyes. And – hopefully – that truth resonates with the audience.

Work and Play Together

Talking of whom, everyone has a story to tell: a song to sing. And, for each of us, this is our own, personal truth. Whilst we may not always agree with one another, it’s important we do listen and try to understand. Otherwise, hurt, mistrust and conflict prevail.

Right now, this is more important than ever. Facing the challenges we do, we need to feel understood and supported. Let’s share our stories, our songs, our thoughts and our ideas. Let’s really listen to one another. And let’s try to get along.

Just Songs

We all need to be open to one another’s stories and appreciate that, for each of us, our songs aren’t just songs: they are Just songs!

On Tour

Just Songs will be presented as a one-off Bath Fringe show on May 30th at Burdall’s Yard, Bath and on tour from May 23rd to June 16th. (See Just Songs page for tour listing)

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