Think of a Song Productions sprang out of the Fringe show ‘Think of a Song’. This was inspired by the writings of performance Marina Abramovic, coupled with the experience of performing John Cage’s ‘silent’ piece 4’33”.

Having made a success of the original show, it seemed like a good idea to build on that. And so ‘Think of a Sequel’ was born. Which was then followed by ‘Think of a Conclusion’. The shows incorporated multiple musicians, choirs and dancers, as well as elements of film and recorded sound. So, to facilitate all this, plus the marketing and advertising to ensure audiences, an umbrella organisation needed to be formed.

Here, then, is the home for Think of a Song Productions. You’ll find information on the shows, performers and the thinking behind everything in these pages. And if you have any questions, please email or call.

If you are a promoter or venue manager, checkout the Electronic Press Kit. Bookings are now being taken for the touring (by Bike) show ‘Bike to The Future. We’d love to come and rock your venue.

Thanks for visiting: do get in touch.