Bike to The Future

On a Mission

Brian is on a two-wheeled mission. His aim: to save the planet – one gig at a time.  And – more importantly – he wants you to come with him and Bike to The Future.

Bike to The Future is a rolling tour (excuse the pun), taking songs and stories from venue to venue by bicycle. Accompanied by violinist/bassist Rob Whale, the duo delivers accessible yet hard-hitting songs with raw, folk-ish energy. Their sound is somewhere in the vicinity of Billy Bragg and Levelers, with a touch of Johnny Cash and a hint of Tom Lehrer.

Challenging the Norm

Before touring, they put on special theatrical previews at the Rondo and the Old Theatre Royal in Bath. These shows challenged the norms of musical and theatrical performance, blending songs, spoken word and surprises to confound, amuse and – above all – entertain.

Bike to The Future uses a light touch to deal with weighty issues. Can we amend our ways in time to avert catastrophe? Is technology a help or a hindrance? And who is it that keeps interrupting?

As with Brian’s previous Fringe shows, he blurs boundaries and asks questions of the audience. Is it a gig? Is it a show? Will there be a band… or a choir… or dancers?

On The Road

Now taking the show on the road, Brian delivers a more traditional ‘gig’ experience, tailored to suit each venue. Still using spoken intros to invite listeners into his world, Brian builds a narrative through the songs and encourages audiences to get involved.

Coming to a Venue Near You?

If you are a promoter, a music fan or just have a suggestion for a venue we might consider visiting, then please get in touch. Similarly, if you’d like to put us up when we visit your neighbourhood, that would be very helpful.

Traveling by two wheels means we need to stopover after each gig. Venues are currently stretched and many are struggling to survive. So, any help with food and accommodation can offset the costs to them.

Promoters and venues can find further info here.