Bike to The Future

Brian is on a two-wheeled mission. His aim: to save the planet – one gig at a time.  And – more importantly – he wants you to come with him.

Special Preview

Bike to The Future will become a rolling tour (excuse the pun), taking songs and stories around the country by bicycle. Along the way, Brian will be visiting musician friends and inviting them to join him on stage. Special theatrical previews were held in Bath, at the Rondo and Old Theatre Royal. Next stop – your venue?

Challenging the Norm

Challenging the norms of music and theatrical performance, Brian’s blend of songs, spoken word and surprises are guaranteed to confound, amuse and – above all – entertain.  

Can we amend our ways in time to avert catastrophe? Is technology a help or a hindrance? And who is it that keeps interrupting?

The show uses a light touch to deal with weighty issues. As with Brian’s previous Fringe shows, boundaries are blurred and questions asked of the audience. Is it a gig? Is it a show? Will there be a band… or a choir… or dancers? There’s only one way to find out.

Genuinely like nothing else out there… pushing the boundaries of what ‘performance’ means” – Theatre Bath

“an amazing human being… an artist in every sense of the word”- Jim Gallagher, Musician

provoking and subverting the expectations of the audience… never the average songwriter showcase” – Bath Fringe Hub