Think of a Trilogy

It’s that time again. Spring has been, gone, come back again and is currently ‘losing its identity’. Which can only mean one thing: it’s time to start looking forward, once more, to Bath’s Fringe Festival. The Fringe has provided a platform for some of my more outlandish ideas in recent years. And this time will be no exception…

The Story So Far

Kicking things off with the challenging (some might say ill-advised) ‘Think of a Song’, in 2017, we looked at what it means to be ‘in the moment’. The shared experience of prolonged silences was certainly not to everyone’s taste but few who were there could deny it will remain with them for a while to come. This was followed last year by the similarly off-kilter ‘Think of a Sequel’, in which even the performers had no idea what to expect. Roughly speaking, the theme that time was ‘having found ourselves in the moment, what on earth do we do with it?’.

So What Now?

Well may you ask. And well may I try to avoid giving a straight answer. Given that ‘Think of a…’ has decided to become a trilogy, it only seems appropriate to end with  ‘Think of a Conclusion’.  Looking at endings in general – and the big one  specifically – we will explore our innate antipathy to finishing things off. We’ll take solace in the notion that all things are cyclical and consider how each ending ushers in a new beginning. Perhaps, then, our fears are misplaced. Maybe  we should concern ourselves more with the impact of our actions and the influence we exert on those around us right now.

But It’s a Show, Right?

Quite so – not a lecture. All of the above will be delivered through the medium of story, song and the usual smattering of surprises along the way. As with the previous two shows, it will be an immersive experience and quite unlike anything else  you are likely to attend this Fringe.  ‘Think of a Conclusion’ will seek to challenge, entertain and inspire in equal measure. Whether it achieves these aims will depend very much on your participation. So, I’m counting on you …

Put it in Your Diary

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one – so best get it in your diary/calendar/planner/personal organiser/or whatever right now.

May 29th – Old Theatre Royal Bath – 8pm

See you there!

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