Think of a Song

The Fringes of The Fringe

At the very fringes of The Fringe comes a unique journey – not only into the mind of a performer but also into the audience’s own. Inspired by the works of John Cage and Marina Abramovic, this is powerful, immersive and unforgettable experimental performance at its experimentalist!

 Unique, Collective Experience

a Band named Brian - Think of a Song

When we go to a show or concert, what are our expectations? To what extent do we, the audience, create the performance? How does the space affect us? How do other audience members impact on our experience? ‘Think of a Song’ sets out to explore these and other questions in a unique, collective, experimental-theatre experience.

 Thinking Out Loud

a Band named Brian - Think of a Song

Singer-songwriter Brian Madigan (AKA a Band named Brian) is famed for his lengthy, spoken intros. Indeed, during a previous Fringe Festival performance, he brought the house down when he introduced his last song but ran out of time to perform it.

So what if he were to remove the songs altogether – only thinking them ‘out loud’ as the audience were invited to imagine them? Would that be deeply uncomfortable? Transcendental? A brief moment of sanity amid the cacophony of everyday madness? Or an evening wasted?

There is, of course, only one way to find out.

Think of a Song

Think of a Sequel

Think of a Conclusion