Tony Orrell

(Goldfrapp, Gas Giants, etc.) Loud shirts; loud drums (but not always); humour, character and a willingness to musically go where few drummers dare.

Tony Orrell aka ‘the Birdman of Alkijazz’

Moved to Bristol 1973 in search of drumming work.

Frequented Dug Out 1974-80.

Met wife-to-be Sarah at the club in 1975 – still married!

Played with Rockin’ Robert and various Wild Beasts/Juan Footers at Dug Out.

1979-89 the “Modern Jazz” Years with Spirit Level/Sphere/Andy Sheppard etc.

1990-2000 Nursery Teacher and musician – Gas Giants/Will Gregory/Adrian Utley etc.

2000-2005 Movies+Shakers project in schools (see 90 Second Challenge) and played drums on Goldfrapp’s ‘Felt Mountain’ and Ilya’s ‘They Died for Beauty’


What was the first concert you ever went to?

streatham ice rink. kinks 1964 or 5. my sister fainted …it seemed like i was the only boy amidst a horde of screaming girls

What gear do you use?

1966 Ludwig Downbeat with Bosphorus cymbals and Steve Hubback creations

Who was your biggest musical influence growing up?

kinks then beatles and then stones (ambivalent) zappa coltrane brotherhood of breath keith tippett tony oxley with mclaughlin and the singing nun – remember ‘dominique’?

 Watch Tony and others creating some weird shit here

 Remember to book your tickets early to avoid disappointment… chiefly mine!