Think of a Sequel

Building on Triumph

Building on his Fringe triumph ‘Think of a Song’, songwriter and composer Brian Madigan teams up with a hand-picked group of A-list musicians. Not even the players know what will ensue… but – of course – engrossing story-telling, dazzling musicianship and a show-stopping finale are assured.

Anything Can Happen

Top-flight improvisers join Brian to provide unique interpretations of songs they themselves have never heard. Once again, anything can happen. This is challenging, in-the-moment theatre with live, improvised music.

Breaking Free

Underpinning the show is a continuation of the themes dealt with in the original. How do we, the middle classes, break free from the hum-drum grind of daily routine? What can we do to remain in the moment? What do we do when life throws a curve-ball at us?

Beyond Preconception

Taking all present – on-stage and off – out of their comfort-zones, the show also considers: what makes a ‘performance’? What is the role of the audience? How can we push beyond our preconceptions, both as performers and audience members?

Brian leads you on a journey through these conundrums, inviting you to explore your own responses along the way. Like its predecessor, this show is a unique experience that stays with you long after the curtain comes down.

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Think of a Song

Think of a Sequel

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