Be a Part of The Fringe

Are you a dancer – or do you have an interest in expressive movement? Would you like to take part in a unique, improvised performance during this year’s Bath Fringe festival? If so, read on…

Where?… When?

The performance will take place at Burdall’s Yard on Wednesday May 31st from 8pm. There will be an all-day workshop beforehand, from 11am to 4pm, with a break for lunch.


Set to the soundscape ‘2020 Vision’, the piece will reflect our need for connection whilst ultimately being isolated. The audio was created using self-taped interviews, conducted during the first Covid lockdown. These are augmented with piano, synthesizers and ambient sound to create a soundtrack that evolves through four distinct stages.


The workshop will focus on how to encapsulate underlying ideas, moods and themes set by the soundtrack, whilst providing narrative development and dynamic contrast. The movement will be semi-improvised, working within set constraints but with freedom to interpret and respond to others in the moment.

Built-in to the concept is a deliberate element of randomness, so that dancers will need to be focussed and responsive to what is happening around them. There will also be interaction with audience members, within clearly defined boundaries. Audience and performers will be positioned among one another, so that traditional divisions of ‘participant’ and ‘viewer’ are broken down.


Participants will need to display a commitment to focussed performance and a good level of body awareness. You need not be a trained dancer, though experienced dancers are very welcome. This is open to people of any age, gender, race or religious/non-religious background.

Apply Now

Please, in the first instance, email to state your interest. Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • A contact phone number (optional but required should you take part)
  • A little information about your interest in/experience of dance or creative movement

We look forward to hearing from you.