The Space Between the Notes

“Music is the space between the notes” – Claude Debussy





This, of course, is an idea that John Cage ran with and explored in his now- infamous ‘4:33’. Tonight, I hope to take this concept to the next level with ‘Think of a Song’, in which a large portion of the show will take place in my head and the minds of the audience.

‘But why would you want to do that?’ You ask. The answers are many and complex but essentially it is to explore the nature of the performer-audience relationship. More importantly, it will push both beyond their respective comfort zones and create a unique theatrical experience.

In our modern society, we are constantly bombarded with information, ‘news’, opinions and ‘entertainment’. This can serve to put us in an increasingly passive state, in which it is difficult to question the status quo and all to easy to fall into unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Think of a Song will seek to jolt us out of our collective torpor and provide space for genuine original thought and emotion. And in the first half of the show, the incredibly talented Paul Bradley will exemplify here-and-now consciousness by entirely improvising his set of on-the-fly songs.

This show may never be repeated – (even if it happens again!) – so I hope you will be able to join us and share what promises to be an amazing experience.

See you there!

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